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Senior Product Manager - Computer Vision

Meero is hiring a Product Manager

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Job description
Meero’s core mission is to empower photographers to focus on what they love: photography! We take care of the rest by relying on tech and AI.
Started in 2016, Meero is on a mission to make life easier for photographers and customers alike by bringing the top-name brands directly to image creators all the while expediting all of the tedious work. From its state-of-the-art image editing technology to our teams positioned around the world, Meero is helping creators do what they do best: create.
Meero is always looking to add fresh new talents in an already amazing team. Have a look if you needed more reasons to become a Meeronaut: 
Checkout this new position:
We are looking for an experienced Senior Product Manager to help us build the next generation photography platform for the digital companies of this world. 
What will you be responsible for ?
You will be in charge of creating, optimizing and implementing our Computer Vision algorithms. When creating a computer vision algorithm, you will have to work hand-in-hand with our customers and then with our R&D, photo quality experts and engineers to make it happen. When optimizing those algorithms, you will have to improve their performance, both in terms of visual results and technical performances. When implementing those algorithms, you will have to decide on which devices they are able to run (mobile devices and/or servers) and to make it happen (define API and UI including the options given to the users). In other words, you will be responsible for our Algo as a Service offer.
Why should you apply ?
You will be the architect of our value proposition. You will decide to implement high level key features that will enable Meero to provide meaningful user experiences that solve real pain points for the brands and marketplaces of various industries. You will work with teams worldwide on a daily basis.
Rest assured you are not alone on those tasks. You will have the support of the Lead Product Manager to guide you and help you grow on your journey with us. 
In this role you’ll be responsible for :
Product Delivery (80%)
- Turn your roadmap into backlog features and build the solutions with designers, data engineers and product engineers to deliver the defined features, in close collaboration with your Delivery team stakeholders.
- Groom and plan sprint content with the Engineer Squad Lead and rigorously test your features to ensure a bug-free release.
- Organize product launches and follow-up on your features’ performance, with an eye toward further optimization if necessary.
- Communicate transparently, frequently and collaboratively with stakeholders and customers about progress and new developments.
- Work closely with the other Product Managers to share best practices and make recommendations for Product/Software process improvement
Product Discovery (20%)
- Gather and understand customer needs, pains and challenges through user research and user interviews.
- Work closely with client-facing internal teams to gather feedback and ensure strategic alignment within the business.
- Conduct competitive analysis to develop concrete plans and recommendations.
- Implement a roadmap for your product and advocate for it internally and externally to ensure it is prioritized correctly with stakeholders.
- Turn hypotheses into proofs of concept as often and as quickly as possible to transform them into successful features.
- Curiosity about images.
- 3+ years of work experience as a Product Manager.
- Previous work experience in a SaaS, knowledges about the SaaS industry and business model.
- Deep understanding of the digital marketing industry and/or analytics solutions and/or DAM.
What’s in it for you?
- Caring management: Your manager’s responsibility is to ensure you have everything you need to meet your objectives so that you enjoy coming to work every day.
- Team spirit: You’ll never be alone again! We are a close-knit team and take pride in helping one another solve any problem we might come across!.
- Up-skilling: We believe that each new week should be an opportunity to learn new product skills and we will accompany you on that path.
- Product community: We organize Tech & Beers meetings and regularly invite external Product or Tech people to share their knowledge with us.  
- An exciting challenge: We are a scale-up company doing big things fast, which means challenges and rewards await you.
- International: We have clients and partners across multiple continents and you will work with a diverse group of stakeholders to solve big problems. 
- Keep learning and growing: You’ll be doing a lot of product discovery, improving your knowledge set and encouraged by your team and the role to try new things.
- Interview with a recruiter
- Interview with your future manager and & another team member.
- Business case.
- Speero interview to make sure you're aligned with Meero's spirit & values
- Welcome on board!
Dream big and do bigger - Dreaming big is step one, but we don’t stop there. By realizing our ideas at
a global scale, we can transform the industry with new tools, processes, and opportunities. 
Make work play - Work should never be boring. Bold ideas and big laughs make everyday exciting, so we never get complacent. We are a family that loves each other, pushes each other, and laughs with each other. 
Champion creators - Creatives are the architects of our visual world. We work tirelessly to support their skills and business, so they can feel inspired to create.
Rise faster than you fail - We celebrate resilience in the face of failure. We truly support one other, so we’re free to fall, but quick to get up and try again. 
Give a shit - Success doesn’t happen by accident. We work with focus, determination, and pride towards our goals. We care deeply about each other, our clients, creatives, and our impact on the world. 
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Meero matches professional photographers with top notch clients to produce beautiful images in a snap
Meero has been started in 2016 and employ about 251-1K people.
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