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Senior Product Designer (Growth)

Full-timeProduct Designer£72,500-£100,000*
London, United Kingdom
This job offer is closed.
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We’re looking for experienced product designers to lead design in growth-oriented teams focused on iterating and improving core parts of our customer-facing experience. The impact and remit of this role is huge.

The Monzo current account is a daily part of life for more than 5 million people already, and your work here will shape the way that people interact with their finances in brand new ways.

We care deeply about inclusive working practices and diverse teams. We’re keen to ensure we’re designing a bank that works for everyone, so we particularly encourage applications from different underrepresented groups.

What you’ll do everyday

  • You’ll collaborate with your product team to generate ideas and design experiments with the goal of incrementally improving key business metrics and customer happiness in Monzo’s core user journeys.
  • You’ll regularly review dashboards of metrics, charts and drop-off funnels. You’ll recognise where design can help improve them and collaborate with data folks to understand and scope potential experiments.
  • You’ll have a big focus toward experimentation strategy and have intuition for when to try a tiny copy tweak vs a more substantial change to a UI or flow. You’ll review the results of these experiments and have an intuition for whether to continue iterating on this problem or whether other areas of the experience make more sense to focus on.
  • You’ll lead design for a product area. This includes driving the future vision of this area, making sure it compliments a cohesive overall Monzo experience, and delivering on incremental steps to help the team head in this direction.
  • You’ll be embedded in a cross-functional product squad. You’ll be responsible for all design artefacts produced; from initial discovery and user journey mapping through to the execution of final UI design details.
  • You’ll deeply understand the customers you’re designing for. While you’ll join (and sometimes run) user research sessions and learn from previous insights, this role has a greater focus toward quantitative research and understanding data reports and analyses to drive your design and experimentation choices. You’ll strive to understand the what, why and how of the problems you’re solving to ensure we don’t just ship the thing right, but we ship the right thing.
  • You’ll collaborate regularly using strong communication, documentation and facilitation skills. You’ll work closely with PMs, Engineers, Data scientists, User researchers and Writers to make sure your team isn’t just shipping great designs, but they are deeply involved throughout the design process.
  • You’ll execute (and advocate for) polished, intuitive and accessible user experiences. You’re pragmatic and able to balance the ideal experience with knowing where and when to make scoping trade-offs based on technical constraints, experimentation strategy or business risk. You understand that growing products requires a lot of experimentation, and will bring a wide range of potential incremental solutions.
  • You’ll help raise the bar for design at Monzo. We’re a small but mighty team where every designer plays a critical role in improving our community of practice—whether that’s through improving our craft skills to leading rituals to giving great feedback.
  • You’ll regularly work with a design director and product leadership. This is to help make sure long-term strategy, business goals and experience quality are all in alignment and that there are healthy opportunities for visibility and feedback.

The type of projects you could work on

There are many opportunities to grow and improve the existing Monzo experience. Here are some recent examples:

  • Core banking features for Monzo's iPhone and Android apps. Increasing visibility and control of money across multiple accounts: we want Monzo to be the financial hub of your life, and something this ambitious requires a lot of good design.
  • Taking our referral program and customer growth to the next level.
  • Reducing customer confusion (and drop-off) in our core sign up experience.
  • Improving the experience customers have when borrowing money and exploring ideas for new lending-related products.
  • Internal tooling and improving customer support UI and workflows to help our support team better serve customers and their needs.

You should apply if

  • You’ve led the design of world-class product launches in a fast-growing company before.
  • You are an expert in behavioural design techniques and have a strong knowledge of engagement mechanics.
  • You are highly analytical and data-driven in your approach to design.
  • You prefer making successful products better—taking them “from 1 to 2”, rather than “0 to 1”.
  • You’re driven by improving metrics, on customers and the business.
  • You understand that good design is not about trends but is built on top of principles and tradeoffs. You make well-reasoned design decisions, always advocating for the best possible user experience.
  • You’re passionate about inclusive design and accessibility, and you’ll design with all our users in mind.
  • You care about the UI design details but are also comfortable zooming out, seeing the broader picture and connecting the dots to create a cohesive overall experience.
  • You’re familiar with native mobile design patterns on Android and iOS and have designed polished apps for both platforms
  • You’re passionate about sharing your knowledge, and raising the bar for design practice at Monzo. Previous experience mentoring designers is a big plus.
  • You understand that writing is designing, you're a confident writer, and the copy in your screens is never an afterthought.

This isn’t for you if

  • You need top-down direction. We operate extremely autonomously so you’ll be expected to determine the highest impact areas to work on, collaborating with your product squad and manager to ensure there’s alignment.
  • You need to work directly alongside another designer or two. While we work closely as a team and have rituals to encourage collaboration and feedback, we rarely have the luxury of multiple designers working on the same product squad.
  • You haven't worked in a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary product team shipping work to a large scale customer-base. All designers are expected to be involved in the delivery details, everything from finessing UI polish with engineers through to roll-out and experimentation strategy.
  • You aren’t data driven in your design approach.

What to expect from our hiring process

  1. Initial call (30 minutes). A video chat with a designer or manager on the design hiring team. This focuses on general suitability and fit for Monzo.
  2. Case study (30 minutes+). We'll ask you to pre-record and send us a 20-minute video of you walking through a recent project that demonstrates your end-to-end design process and deliverables. A designer or manager will watch this before joining you for a 30-minute 1:1 call to ask follow up questions, digging deeper into your process and work.
  3. Final round (3 hours). This involves three interviews covering craft, impact and teamwork. These typically happen on the same day via three separate video calls. The case study video is used as a reference for these interviews to help set context for us, and save you time repeating yourself.

We aim to hire strong product designers (growth) who could work in various areas across the business. The exact team you join will be driven by what’s the highest priority when you start. Most product designers move teams throughout their tenure at Monzo, changing every year or two, depending on the highest opportunities for impact and their personal development plans.

We’re currently hiring for this role across multiple levels. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which level of seniority best fits your experience. We want to find brilliant people. We’ll work with you to find the right Monzo level for you if you’re invited to interview. We calibrate a candidate’s level using our progression framework and the signal we gather throughout the interview process. Existing job titles are less important to us.

The salary range for L4, Senior Product Designer starts from £70k per year, as well as a competitive benefits package. We’re happy to discuss in more detail in your initial call to make sure we’re aligned with the package you’re seeking in your next role.

While the pandemic is still here, everyone at Monzo is welcome to work remotely. When things return to normal, we’d like you to be able to be part of working in a team environment in our London office at least 1 day a week.

Equal Opportunity Statement

At Monzo, embracing diversity in all of its forms and fostering an inclusive environment for all people to do the best work of their lives with us. This is integral to our mission of making money work for everyone.

We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family or parental status, national origin, veteran, neurodiversity status or disability status.


Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • What's the salary range for the Senior Product Designer (Growth) position?
    The suggested salary for this position is £72,500-£100,000*
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    No, telecommuting is not possible for this position
About Monzo
Monzo Bank Ltd, is an online bank based in the United Kingdom.
Human Resources, Recruiting
1K-5K employees

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