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Job description
Acast was founded in 2014 and is one of the most eminent podcast platforms, and a pioneer in the open 
podcast ecosystem, connecting all podcasting stakeholders to one common software infrastructure.
Through its infrastructure, Acast allows advertisers to efficiently target an engaged audience of listeners 
through dynamic ad insertion, while podcasters are given access to a range of monetization opportunities and the necessary tools to expand their listener base.
The company has a global footprint across 12 countries and, during 2020, had approximately three billion 
listens on Acast-connected podcasts. Today, Acast hosts more than 35,000 shows. Acast’s headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden and the Company has 12 local subsidiaries including UK, US, Australia, Norway, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and Canada.
About the role
The products we build help podcasters identify, reach, convert, engage and retain listeners that will love them, so they can grow their audience and make more money. 
We are now looking for a Product Manager to lead our Audio Delivery product team. The team's purpose is to “be the best podcast delivery platform, extending the podcasting standards with innovative solutions for creators''. The team owns the technical infrastructure to deliver unique stitched audio files (True Dynamic Ad Insertion) for every podcast download request & an audio ingestion capability used by Enterprise customers to participate in our podcast marketplace.
This is your chance to join an established team and further evolve the product and vision in collaboration with the engineering team to ensure we are successfully meeting the exponentially increasing delivery demands to our systems as well as an increased need for personalization of podcasts. 
Based in Europe but working with our teams around the world, you will drive the roadmap for the team based on our product vision & strategy as well as your regular interactions with podcasters & colleagues around the business. 
As an outcome-focused organization, we empower all Product Managers to create a roadmap that helps us achieve our goals that will ultimately allow podcasters to grow their audience and make more money.
What you will do:
• Continually improve the team's capabilities & features via an ongoing build-measure-learn cycle
• Drive the roadmap for the team based on our product vision & strategy for podcasters
• Take an outcome-focused approach to product development 
• Create and drive a strategic roadmap with your team of engineers
• Work with the team to optimize for the day-to-day execution and empower them to work independently by providing them with the right tools to do so
• Work closely with an Engineering Manager to ensure that your team is strong and healthy
• Shape the product strategy in collaboration with all other Product Managers and the Product leadership team
• Regularly meet with customers to understand their needs & problems
• Execute go-to-market strategies for new features together with Product Marketing 
Who you are:
• You are a Product Manager with a good understanding of software development, able to follow and take part in deep conversations about our audio delivery infrastructure
• You love podcasting and helping podcasters be successful in growing their audience and making more money
• You have experience in Product Management and a track record of creating products that people love
• You understand and deliver on the different aspects of product management: Empathize with customers, strong communication & leadership skills, visioning the product, product development processes & lifecycles, working with the team & technical knowledge
• You’re data-informed in your approach to product management and know-how to measure success
Where you’ll be:
• Most of our teams are hybrids with some members co-located in offices and some working fully remote. With a remote-first way of working we want you to feel productive regardless of work location!
• Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the UK or Sweden
• Working hours? We want to avoid teams distributed over time zones, so this team will operate within the CET time zone for collaboration. This setup allows us for more flexibility and work-life balance.
Acast is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin or any of the other wonderful characteristics that make us different.
Culture is our number one priority as a business. We believe people come first, and we work every day to enable autonomy, continuous improvement and bring out the best in people. We’re global and have remote teams, so it’s even more important that we strive for an open, inclusive and caring environment where everyone feels visible and welcome. We consider ourselves a modern organization driven by strong values to create the best, most fulfilling and nurturing culture.
We very much look forward to finding the next great person to join our cause!
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Acast is the world’s leading independent podcast company, elevating podcast creators & podcast advertisers for the ultimate listening experience.
Acast has been started in 2013 and employ about 251-1K people.
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