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Product Design Internship - Summer 2023

Roboflow is hiring a Product Designer

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Job description
About the Internship
Roboflow is rapidly expanding our engineering team to address the groundswell of user and customer needs. Over 100,000 developers (spanning from students to individual hackers & hobbyists to startups to employees of some of the world’s biggest companies) have now used Roboflow to build computer vision projects. Soon, every developer will have computer vision as a tool in their toolbox. Roboflow will be for computer vision what Microsoft was for the PC and Google was for the Internet.
The Opportunity
We’re looking for a budding designer with a passion for innovation, curiosity, and experimentation. As the inaugural design intern, this role will have a direct impact on the product and design organization at Roboflow and inevitably include wearing a lot of hats. Wide-ranging enthusiasm for diving into abstract problems, seeking out data and a variety of solutions, and seeing them through to implementation is essential. There’s also a massive opportunity to collaborate across the board with a variety of folks in different departments as both stakeholders and project partners.
Our core belief is that computer vision is a foundational technology that is going to transform nearly every industry. This is an opportunity to shape how millions of developers will experience and use it for the first time. Your contribution will have a massive impact.
The Role
At Roboflow, we believe in championing our superpowers and leaning into how we can grow and excel with them. This internship role is no different. While this is a general intern listing, we’re looking for folks that want to focus on one of these particular areas : 
User Interface + Design Systems 
User Research
User Experience 
You will work with our small, cross-functional core team to shape problems into solutions and report to our current Product Designer, collaborating closely to shape your intern project that you will have the opportunity to direct and decide. The role could range from researching the current status quo and imagining the ideal future state, to talking to our users and understanding their needs in a more detailed, thorough manner. 
As an early hire both from a company and design organization perspective, you’ll have an immense impact on the product and the direction of design at Roboflow. 

What You'll Do

  • Produce wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for new features and products
  • Work on and expand the Ringtail Design System
  • Identify computer vision knowledge gaps in user base and find ways to incorporate more educational context throughout the interface
  • Conduct user research and customer studies to help deepen our understanding of pain points and opportunities of leverage
  • Collaborate closely with our development team to architect and implement solutions
  • Take loosely defined problems and explore various ways to tackle them
  • Advocate for users, their needs and pain points, and weave that into smart and impactful designs

Who You Are

  • A junior designer who has experience working on digital product and/or software teams.
  • A designer who understands the development process, engineer’s toolkits, and their limitations.
  • Coding and front end development experience is not required, but a definite plus.
  • A strategic thinker who can participate in discussions about product roadmaps and new features.
  • A quick learner with a profound interest in computer vision, machine learning, and developer tooling.
  • While previous experience is preferred, computer vision knowledge is not required and we can teach you the fundamentals.
  • An analytical mind who loves to solve complex problems in a variety of industries and companies.
  • A self starter who enjoys finding problems they are passionate about and areas of improvement or opportunity in a product or user flow.
  • A collaborative coordinator who can work on multiple projects with different individuals to get them released quickly.
  • An enthusiastic creator who is willing to dive in, get their hands dirty, and experiment with new things.
  • A user advocate who will speak up if something will affect the user’s experience.
  • A flexible personality who is okay releasing things that aren’t quite perfect.

The Tools of the Trade

  • Our core product has been designed in Figma and uses TailwindUI, the React library, and standards like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • We use modern analytics products, such as Google Analytics, Amplitude
  • To facilitate async communication, we use Loom to record short videos of our work and create opportunities for feedback
  • We use Slab to document internal knowledge and processes to help new teammates get up to speed.
  • We are open to exploring and adding new technology to help us work better — your input is welcome!
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With just a few dozen example images, you can train a working, state-of-the-art computer vision model in less than 24 hours
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