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Machine Learning Content Writer

FreelanceUX writer$40-$70 per hour Remote
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About Brilliant

Brilliant is a tight-knit team of scientists, educators, engineers, designers, storytellers, and illustrators who are redesigning education at scale. 

We believe that math and science are fascinating and beautiful, but that the tools widely used to teach it are dry and ineffective. Brilliant makes learning STEM fun, through problem solving and interactive explorations – from foundational math and science to cutting-edge computer science and professional topics.

Brilliant helps over 12 million students, professionals, and lifelong learners around the world cultivate problem solving skills, build intuition, and master concepts rather than memorize them. To understand more about our approach, see our learning principles.

You can see all open roles and learn more about our team culture on our Careers page.

The Role

As a Machine Learning Content Writer, you will design learning experiences that introduce topics across a range of machine learning topics: from the foundational principles, to neural nets and AI training, to cutting edge LLM technology. You’ll play a key role in the growth of an exceptional body of content.

Who are you?

  • Have experience working with AI in an industry, teaching, or research setting.
  • Have a strong foundation in a quantitative discipline and a keen interest in the rapidly evolving area of machine learning and AI.
  • Have an excellent sense of what makes an explanation or example great. Teaching experience is an added (but not required) bonus.
  • Want to share the sense of awe that comes from understanding AI and its potential!
  • Knowledgeable about active learning (learning by doing, instead of listening to lectures).
  • Have a strong command of English grammar and usage.
  • Are available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Specifically, you will:

  • Outline and write delightful content that teaches how to think about and use machine learning and AI tools by developing a cartoon model.
  • Work with illustrators, animators, and programmers to create visuals and interactive demonstrations that make the concepts tangible!
  • Challenge the existing body of AI education and experiment with novel teaching methods.
  • Develop a narrative voice that empowers learners while distilling complex topics down to their components.
  • Provide a sense of what makes each new skill useful and predict what misconceptions and and misapplications might be the likely culprits of confusion when this skill is in use.

Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Freelance contract
  • What's the salary range for the Machine Learning Content Writer position?
    The suggested salary for this position is $40-$70 per hour
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    Yes, telecommuting is possible for this position
About Brillant is an American for-profit company and associated community that features problems and courses in mathematics, physics, quantitative finance, and computer science.
E-Learning, Education
11-50 employees

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