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Head of Product

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About Argyle

We’re a team of credit decisioning outsiders who understand firsthand how hard it is for front-line workers to obtain a loan, lease a car, rent an apartment or open a checking account. All because verifying their income is manual and paper dominated. Founded in 2018 with $75M+ in funding from BCV, SignalFire, Checkr, and Bedrock, Argyle builds consumer permissioned payroll connectivity for a global market in excess of $100B.

The Position

It might take 15 or 20 minutes to spot an Ad Reinhardt painting. The works are constructed out of elements of such subtle variation that their compositions only become visible with careful consideration. His works produce a refined environment not because they stand out, but because they play with a viewer’s senses.

Almost all of Argyle is felt instead of seen. Industry-leading conversion, granular data sets, customizing user flows - these are outputs to product roadmaps that our clients should never need to know about. Heading up Product at Argyle means being a conductor, understanding how thousands of discrete processes and limited resources should be used to make the most impactful solution for our clients. VP of Product won’t play an instrument; they’ll play the orchestra.

Reporting to the CEO, Argyle Product head will be my trusted lieutenant. I’m a product manager by training, allowing the company to approach a broad range of concerns from a product-first perspective. Along with obvious workstreams for expanding our payroll processor estate and looking over Argyle Console & Argyle Link endeavors concerning investor & client relations, P&L management and strategic planning are all in scope. All to deliver a consistent and thoughtful client solution. Oh, and we aren’t fond of Jira or other traditional software development patterns. Leading Product at Argyle requires creativity and a bit of a rebellious spirit.

The Work

  • Work with the CEO to set product vision and roadmap: Maintain a deep understanding of the ever-changing market and competitive dynamics, and leverage that knowledge to inform multi-year product strategy and prioritization.
  • Articulate product strategy and empower execution across Argyle: Continuously communicate a compelling product strategy at all levels of the organization. Ensure our teams know who they’re building for and what it means to win.
  • Create a world-class product management motion at Argyle: Design and refine cross-company processes that support efficient product development while maintaining transparency for our global team. Clearly define the role of Product Management at Argyle and empower PMs to get things done.
  • Prioritize fearlessly: Work with executive peers to make strategic trade-offs when necessary. Champion focus and impact at every layer of the team.
  • Surface feedback: Build deep relationships across the company in service of integrating multi-dimensional customer feedback into our product strategy. Understand the difference between addressing root causes of our customer pain vs. surface level symptoms.
  • Be a talent magnet: Hire, lead and empower a talent-dense team of PMs. Be a public figure for Argyle at conferences, speaking engagements and with the press.
  • Thrive in a parallel universe: Balance future building with practical solutions. Dream big and keep the team focused on The Now. Demand excellence and celebrate incremental progress.

The Culture

  • Operating with non-conforming tools: Instead of JIRA we use Notion. Instead of ZenDesk we use Slack. We opt to use lightweight, self-governing tools that can be molded into our unique way of working. Feeling comfortable with new tools and workflows is part of success.
  • Writing & reading by default: With complex conversations and deliverables, keyboards and web browsers are the most efficient tools for spreading knowledge. We vigorously document our ideas and make them available to the company.
  • Transparency without fear: Especially when the news is inconvenient, we talk about it without judgment. We don’t operate on information silos and we are not seeking to build them. Being ready to be vulnerable is part of our DNA.
  • An office for every context: We are a remote team with offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Vilnius. Groups come together live monthly and weekly themselves, and we also work vigorously in our own environments. Loving an office of all types is part of what makes our working culture the best of all worlds.
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    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    We're not sure if telecommuting possible for this position
About Argyle
Eliminate document uploads and power innovative digital experiences with streaming, user-permissioned, read-and-write access to real-time income data.
Developer APIs, Infrastructure
51-250 employees

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