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Content Writer

Health insurance
Paid time off
Parental leave
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About CommandBar

CommandBar is a platform for helping software companies make their software easier to use.

How many times have you been frustrated by software? Maybe you didn’t know how to make the software do what you wanted. Maybe you had to wade through pages and pages of support documentation — or stay on hold with a chatbot — to figure something out. Or maybe the software you were using took 12 clicks to do something basic.

CommandBar makes any software product simpler, faster, and personalized. We do this by enabling product teams to embed a collection of widgets inside their products that can proactively guide users and react to what they seem interested in.

Today, CommandBar serves forward-thinking SaaS companies like GustoHashicorp, Netlify, Freshworks, and AngelList.

Despite our scale, we're a tiny team today that's just beginning to grow, which means tons of opportunities to do trajectory-altering work. If you're inspired to upgrade how humans use software, come join!

Why CommandBar?

You’re probably really talented. Why should you take your talents to CommandBar? Here are reasons we think working with us is uniquely high impact — on the world and your career.

  • Our ratio of impact on the world is high (and we intend to keep it that way).

  • There is a lot of room to grow and lead teams (if you’re into that) as we scale. A lot of the roles that we are hiring for are the first in the function so you’ll need to bring 0 to 1 energy.

  • We're on the forefront of new technologies, including new developments in AI (which we use heavily to power our product).

  • The team we’ve assembled so far is world-class — talented, curious, kind, and obsessed with building delightful, fast, simple software.

The main reasons for joining CommandBar are belief in our product and the opportunities for growth described above. That said, our benefits are pretty sweet 🙂Overall, we believe in benefits that respect individual choice and reflect the fact that optimizing your life outside of work leads to better performance at work.

The salary range for this role is $90,000 - $110,000.

Our benefits include:

  • Flexible PTO with a 3 week minimum

  • Fully covered medical, dental, and vision insurance for you, and 50% for your dependents

  • 12 weeks parental leave for all parents

  • 401k with matching

  • A learning and development budget

  • A generous 'Make Your Life Easier' stipend

  • A home office budget

  • 3x/year all together including 2 onsites at our office in San Francisco and 1 offsite at a fun 🌴 location!

Content Writer @ CommandBar

At CommandBar, we are constantly innovating and creating software that truly makes a difference in our users' lives. We're passionate about our product, and we want to share our story with the world. That's where you come in.

We are seeking a talented and creative Content Writer who can bridge the gap between our product and our customers through engaging blog posts and social media content. This role is essential in amplifying our brand's voice, driving authentic engagement, and creating content that resonates with our audience's needs and values.

What You'll Do

  • Create Diverse Content: Write engaging blog posts that are SEO-optimized and align with our core values and mega-trends such as AI, PLG, and No-code. Your content should range from in-depth thought-pieces that rank on HackerNews to keyword-optimized content aimed at organic search visibility.

  • SEO Mastery: Utilize best practices in SEO to ensure our content ranks well on search engines, incorporating keywords, meta tags, links, and more.

  • Social Media Engagement: Create and curate social media copy that authentically engages our audience without sounding overly sales-y.

  • Collaborate with the Marketing Team: Work closely with our marketing team to align content with overall strategy and brand voice.

  • Track Success: Assist the Head of Marketing in monitoring analytics to understand how our content is performing so data-driven decisions for future content strategies can be implemented.

  • Amplify Our Brand: Utilize content to not just amplify our brand but to create and cultivate it. Share our story, features, and customer experiences in a way that resonates with our ICP.

  • Embrace Experimentation: Be open to trying new content strategies and ideas, understanding that not every effort will succeed, but valuing the learning process.

What You're Stepping Into

  • An Innovative Team: Collaboration with sales, product, customer success/support, and marketing.

  • A Growing Brand: A product loved by users and a company with a vision for the future.

  • Two Content Streams: Working on both deep analytical pieces for tech-savvy readers and SEO-focused content for broader reach.

What We're Looking For

  • SEO Expertise: Strong understanding of SEO best practices and how to apply them to various types of content.

  • Versatility in Writing: Ability to write both thought-provoking articles that resonate with tech enthusiasts and SEO-optimized content that drives organic traffic.

  • Creative Mindset: Willingness to experiment with content formats and channels.

  • Product Knowledge: Understanding of our product and industry to create content that educates and engages.

What We're Not Looking For

  • One-Track Focus: We need a versatile writer who can balance multiple content types and goals.

  • Overly Commercial Approach: Content should engage and inform, instead of feeling like B2B sales cringe.

Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • What's the salary range for the Content Writer position?
    The suggested salary for this position is $90,000-$110,000
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    Yes, telecommuting is possible for this position
About CommandBar
CommandBar is cmd+k widget for your web app. To make your software effortless to use, from new users to power users.
Apps, Human Computer Interaction
1-10 employees

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