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UX Researcher- IaaS Tribe

Scaleway is hiring a UX Researcher

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Job description
Our mission 🚀
Founded in 1999, Scaleway, the cloud of choice, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure. Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by 25,000+ businesses, including European startups, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures. With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.
Our journey 💡
We want all our actions and decisions to bring us closer to achieving our vision: building and scaling technologies that make sense to us, to our customers and their end users. Scaleway is the challenger nobody’s expecting.As our business scales, the customers and developers we serve are increasingly diverse and global. Giving them an unbeatable experience is central to our business strategy and value proposition. To better understand them, we've discovered that the best way to deliver the highest value and performance is by incorporating a well-rounded team that leverages diverse perspectives,  knowledge, skills, and cross-cultural understanding. 
Our values 💜
Singularity: We do it our own way. 
Community: One company, one culture
Adventure: Level up if you dare, never stop innovating. 
Leadership: Be the leader you want to follow.
Excellence: We want to be customers' first choice as a cloud provider.
Rock Solid: You can always count on us! 
About the job
At Scaleway, we are building the most complete cloud ecosystem in Europe. To this end, we rely first and foremost on a crystal-clear, quality user experience. We don’t want our users to get lost in complex interfaces. We believe there is no technical challenge that can’t be transformed into a smooth and friendly experience for our clients.
We aim to make user experience design a pillar of the cloud industry.
Reporting to our Lead UX Researcher, you will be a key player in our growing UX & Research team, working closely with our Product Managers and Product Designers to generate user insights that help the team make informed decisions.
You will help the IaaS Tribe make highly technical concepts as understandable as possible, and take a pedagogical approach internally to achieve this goal.
The IaaS Tribe is composed of 6 squads. They provide the core of any cloud infrastructure with products such as Instances, dedicated servers, or network products.


  • Discovery research: support and coach our Product Managers and Engineering teams to prepare, coordinate, and conduct UX research; gather user data following a structured approach, and present your analysis
  • Continuous research: help our Product Managers and Product Designers coordinate and conduct internal and external usability testing, and report results
  • UX design: help Product Designers make highly technical concepts as understandable as possible so that Scaleway products stand out in the cloud industry
  • User advocate: work closely with other teams (Product Ops, Marketing, Customer Success, etc.) to gain a deeper understanding of our customers, their problems, needs, and behavior
  • Processes: standardize research methods and support documentation to enable consistent application across teams
  • Knowledge: manage UX insights and make data accessible throughout the organization
  • Sharing: reinforce and evangelize the practice of UX research by sharing success stories and ensuring that the overall impact of UX research is known

Minimum qualifications

  • 3+ years experience in a similar UX position (as a UX researcher or UX designer)
  • UX research methods hold no secret for you
  • Human-centered interaction, usability, and design thinking inspire your work
  • Your methodologies are lean and adapted to an agile environment
  • The ability to analyze and synthesize data to identify patterns and insights, and to make recommendations based on research findings
  • Knowledge of Figma, FigJam, Hotjar, and web analytics
  • Very good command of English and French (speaking and writing)

Preferred qualifications

  • Positivity, resilience and empathy best describe your personality. You gladly accept feedback and show that our users matter to you by continuously iterating and improving our products
  • You are proactive and are not afraid of sharing your thoughts and ideas for improvement
  • You want to learn, improve and gain responsibility
  • Experience working on B2B solutions
  • Experience working in tech companies
  • Experience in documentation and presentations
Salary range
48,000 - 60,000 EUR per year
This position can be either: 
- Based in our offices in Paris or Lille (France), partial/full remote is possible
- Fully remote in Europe
Hiring Process
Screening call (45 mins) with Diane PAUL- Talent Acquisition Manager
Manager interview (1h) with Yiching LIN - Lead UX Researcher
Technical Interview (1h) with Yiching LIN, Lead Researcher, Gabriel GHNASSIA, VP of Design & Victor RAMIRO, Lead Product Manager
HR Interview (45 mins) with Diane PAUL- Talent Acquisition Manager
On average our process lasts 2-3 weeks days and offers usually follow within 48 hours 🤞
Important note: if you don't see yourself ticking all the boxes don't hesitate to apply anyway. Don't limit yourself to a job description, you never know! 
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32 job offers
2 Tb/s of Internet traffic. Repeat software entrepreneur Yann Lechelle joined as CEO in early 2020.
Scaleway has been started in 1999 and employ about 251-1K people.
How to apply
Please let Scaleway know you found this offer on We Love Product as a way to support us so we can keep publishing more ux researcher job offers.