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Product Designer

This job offer is expired.
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Stemma is looking for its first designer. Many companies have successfully democratized data, few have democratized understanding. Stemma is helping bridge that gap.

You'll be setting the visual design direction for the entire product. Stemma is based on Amundsen, an open source project out of Lyft, but our UI has more functionality and so needs to diverge substantially to maintain a coherent user experience. You'll be guiding that evolution.

A data catalog is a tool that isn't mandatory for anyone to use to get their job done, but we believe makes many jobs far more efficient. The success of Stemma at our customers and Amundsen at Lyft is a testament to that. But using Stemma must be low-friction and high-impact for users to keep coming back, and high-quality user experiences are key to that.

We have an established process for how Engineering and Product work together, and you'll help define how Design is integrated into that flow.

What you'll do

  • Lead design for the entire product and build delightful user experiences for users.

  • Work with engineers to create specific solutions for tactical business problems identified by Product.

  • Work with product managers to unearth user problems and understand their full journey.

  • Build deep empathy for data consumers and producers through user interviews, dog-fooding Stemma, and using the same data tools our users use. You'll communicate those findings to the rest of the company in memorable ways.

What we're looking for

  • An expert in UI/UX design

  • Knowledge in user research and usability testing practices

  • Experience designing for B2B SaaS products

  • Detail oriented with an excitement for your work being polished and pixel perfect.

  • 4+ years of relevant design experience at software companies, at least half of that in fast-paced startups

How we work

  • Remote first. We're a fully-distributed company, and our interaction culture is deliberately mixed between meeting culture and written. We're writing heavy because it forces clarity of thought; we have plenty of synchronous time to give space for collaborative ideation.

  • Customer-oriented. Our tech must be be highly reliable, resilient, secure, and cost-effective. But none of that matters if we're not solving the right problems, and we're very deliberate about creating the right feedback loops with our customers.

  • EPD-as-one. Our Engineering, Product, and Design team is an integrated unit. Each group has clearly defined ownership boundaries, but there are no "throw it over the fence" type hand-offs, because all the groups are involved in product development from the beginning.

What we're building

  • Automated discovery and data control. Historical data discovery systems relied on humans manually writing descriptions. We've seen dozens of companies try and zero are happy with the state of things. We automate this by integrating a wide breadth of data sources suggesting who uses the data, how it's used, and how it's been transformed.

  • Delightful experience. The thesis of our product is that users will want to use it, not that they'll be forced to use it by IT teams. Building an interface that's sophisticated for power users but approachable for occasional data users is imperative.

We're hiring the the US and Europe timezones. We offer competitive salary and meaningful equity. Medical, vision and dental coverage for US employees (benefits vary for international employees). We've raised $4.8M from Sequoia.

Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    We're not sure if telecommuting possible for this position
About Stemma
Stemma is a fully managed data catalog, powered by the leading open-source data catalog, Amundsen
11-50 employees

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