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Lead Product Designer - Design Systems

Full-timeDesign system designer$245,100-$299,500*
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What does Wayflyer do?
Wayflyer’s mission is to revolutionise the eCommerce space by supercharging online businesses and their founders across the world. We provide MCAs (Merchant Cash Advances) to eCommerce businesses to allow them to pay for inventory and marketing for a low-cost flat fee, which they repay to us through revenue-based financing. We also use data to provide founders with insights which empower them to make decisions that will help them acquire new customers, scale and unlock their store's full potential.

We’ve helped companies like Wild, Dock & Bay and Branch take their businesses to the next level. Check out this video from Davie Fogherty, another one of our brilliant customers, giving a great explanation of what we do and how we helped The Oodie go from strength to strength.

Why Wayflyer?
- Since launching in April 2020, we’ve deployed over $550m in funding across 8 countries to 1000+ eCommerce founders. In 2021 alone, the amount of funding we deployed to customers grew by 900%.

- We announced our Series B in February 2022 raising $150m in funding at $1.6bn valuation; backed by world-leading VCs including Left Lane Capital and DST Global. This valuation helped us reach unicorn status making us one of only 6 in Ireland. In May 2022, we secured a $300m credit facility from J.P. Morgan. And in August, we locked in a $253million debt financing facility from Credit Suisse.

- 'The early team you build is the company you build'. We’re still in our early days so you'll play an integral part in defining the culture at Wayflyer.

- Careers at Wayflyer are truly cross functional. Regardless of your role at Wayflyer, you'll work with a variety of different disciplines and teams from around the world on a multitude of challenging projects and game-changing products to revolutionise the eCommerce landscape.

Research & Design at Wayflyer
We’re looking for designers to join our quickly growing Research & Design team. As an early joiner to the team you’ll help to define not just the products we’re building, but also the ways we work as a team. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and to have huge, meaningful influence in the design of our products and services. You’ll work with incredible people with huge ambitions who care deeply about the work we do and the teams we are.

At Wayflyer we know our customers expect remarkable customer experience and beautifully designed products and services, so we’re investing in building a world-class team to make that happen.

Our VP of Research & Design reports directly to the CEO, so you and your team will have the ability and the remit to make a meaningful impact with work that is transforming eCommerce. Just as importantly, having design leadership right at the top of the business means you’ll never have to justify to the business the importance and value of great design because the business already gets it. You’ll spend your time doing research and design, not justifying why it needs to be done.

We’re building a team who care very deeply about building remarkable products, and also care about people and are invested in their growth and success, whether they’re part of Wayflyer, or the customers we work with. You’ll be able to be your best self at work, working with incredible people and doing great things.

What you will do
At Wayflyer, product designers work in multidisciplinary teams. You will be a long-term partner to other product designers, content designers, brand designers, engineers and product managers within a wider product group, and work as part of an autonomous, multidisciplinary product team made up of the right people, with the right skills to meet the big goals we have. As a lead designer, you will be peer to and part of that group’s multidisciplinary leaders and will be involved in identifying and setting priorities and giving design and experience direction to the teams within the product group. At Wayflyer product designers identify opportunities and create remarkable solutions that give the founders of the businesses we work with super-powers and the time back they need to build their incredible e-commerce businesses.

  • Work with the teams in your product group to understand and roadmap their learning and research agenda for the period ahead.
  • Collaborate with the other leads and design managers at Wayflyer, making sure that our user journeys are coherent, effective and amplify our brand.
  • Identify opportunities, develop ideas and design solutions with your team ideas that move us towards our product vision.
  • Get into the detail and design elegant, effective, and efficient interfaces that meet user needs. Doing this without ever losing sight of how the changes you or the teams around you are making affect other parts of their user journey.
  • Develop and share deep organisational knowledge of our primary users - founders of e-commerce businesses - and use this to empower teams to design remarkable products that create great customer experience
  • Show transparency in your intent, communicate early and often about your ideas and the direction you believe the team needs to move in
  • Ensure the quality of work meets Wayflyer’s implicit and explicit design standards and expectations - this isn’t just about the intent or UI specification it’s about the quality of experience we give our customers
  • Although you won’t manage anyone, Leads are expected to coach and mentor less-senior designers to develop their craft and to help accelerate their careers, success as lead is partly measured on how much people want to work and learn from you.

Your first 90 days

  • Embed yourself in the team, working with engineers to help get to its first usable release of our FlyUI Design System
  • Work with Brand, Product and Content Design to shape and define the vision for the next significant release
  • Coach and support the wider Wayflyer Product community in ways-of-working, adoption and decentralised ownership of our design system

Who you are

  • A track record of leading-by-doing in high-performing teams that build incredible products, meeting user needs and delighting customers.
  • The ability to go deep into a problem and use insight, research and data to deeply understand how to design products that create value for customers.
  • Excellent judgement - you are able to make well-informed decisions and know when to go fast or slow down, you are confident in engaging in more subjective debate particularly around quality and taste.
  • An effective communicator (be it spoken, written, visual, or dance - that’s up to you) who can persuade and excite others around design concepts.
  • A high level of autonomy and comfort with ambiguity, Wayflyer is a startup so you need to enjoy the dynamism and volatility that comes with that, although that’s not a euphemism for chaos or toxicity, though
  • Entrepreneurial and self-starting - you’re capable of finding ways to contribute towards company goals without specific guidance.
  • A passion for continuous improvement and dissatisfaction with status quo, always thinking of ways to improve and move towards goodness.
  • A strong portfolio or set of case studies that clearly communicate the problems you've addressed with your design work, the decisions you made and the impact it has on business and end-user.
Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • What's the salary range for the Lead Product Designer - Design Systems position?
    The suggested salary for this position is $245,100-$299,500*
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    Yes, telecommuting is possible for this position
About Wayflyer
Wayflyer offers growth financing to eCommerce companies like yours. Sign up, connect your store and analytics, and receive funding offer today.
Analytics, E-Commerce
51-250 employees

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