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Lead Content Designer

Full-timeContent writer$114,200-$174,000*
London, United Kingdom
This job offer is closed.
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We feel the need, the need for a Lead Content Designer

We’re looking for our first specialist content designer to help us set out what content design at Wayflyer is — why we do it, how we do it, where we do it — and make sure we have the right standards and guidelines to follow. Crucially, we’re looking for someone who can back this up by *doing* content design — getting hands-on designing how we share information with our customers and colleagues to help them get stuff done.

So let’s get this out of the way: this is, to use the business term, an individual contributor (IC) role. If you’re looking for a pure management or leadership position, directing other people, this isn’t the job for you.

Also, as our first content designer, you’ll be the only content designer at Wayflyer to start with so make sure you’re comfortable with that. That said, you’ll be reporting to a director who has loads of experience in content design, so you’ll have plenty of support.

Still with us? Brilliant. As you read this ad, if you think you tick a lot of the boxes, but not all of them, we’d love to hear from you anyway, especially if you’re a woman or were raised in a culture that makes you underplay your achievements.

What you'll do

At Wayflyer, you’ll make complicated things easy to understand, so people can spend more time getting stuff done and less time working out how. You’ll know what content is best to help someone achieve their goal and what format that content should take. You’ll know what to say and when. You’ll also know how to make it sound and feel unmistakably Wayflyer.

You’ll spend a lot of your time working with colleagues in product management, engineering, and research and design. But you’ll pretty much work with everyone at Wayflyer at some point, and if you’re the right person for the job, you’ll know why that’s true.

You’ll work on a variety of content types — help and support, service emails, marketing emails, support emails, account registration screens, status reports, error messages, buttons, tooltips, the whole shebang.

You’ll use content design research methods to get evidence to steer you to the best way to solve the problem you’re looking at. And you’ll analyse data to see how well your content is landing with people.

So far, everything we’ve said is standard for a content designer. What makes this a lead role, apart from doing the above to a world-class level, is this (and here we submit reluctantly to the bullet point format):


  • create and manage content frameworks and content strategies that mean we’re not making content up as we go along or making decisions on the fly
  • set a high bar for the quality of content, make sure everyone knows where that bar is, and, most importantly, make sure we meet or better that bar
  • get people to agree to ways we can work smarter to deliver content design more effectively and widely
  • understand the technical side of content delivery and work with engineering and product colleagues to manage this
  • collect and present insights about content, sharing those regularly across Wayflyer and leading conversations to agree what to do with those insights
  • take the lead on how we develop content elements in the Wayflyer design system
  • spot where more content design support is needed and build the business case for it
  • report to the Director of Content Design & UX Strategy and deputise for him when needed. (And rein in his predilection for sneaking song and film references where he can.)
Who you are

You can do most or all of the stuff mentioned above and can point to your real experience doing it. You’ve probably done it a companies of different shapes, sizes and industries. Given what we do, experience in financial services, fintech and business-to-business organisations is particularly interesting to us.

On top of that, you’re amazing at prioritisation. You make sure you’re not spread too thin while also giving teams the content support they need. You spend your time on the things that make a positive difference. People get why you’ve chosen to say ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘not yet’, and are ok with it.

What you’re like as a person and how you treat people is a big deal for us. People love working with you. You’re helpful and generous with your time and knowledge. People love helping you back. At the same time, you’re clear on where your boundaries are. People know where they stand with you.

You’re always looking to learn and grow, on a personal and professional level. And you’re always looking to help others learn and grow by sharing your own knowledge and experience.

You know why diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging matters, and speak up when we can do better.

Why join the Research & Design team at Wayflyer?

When we hire someone, we hire them for being them. Their experience and skills, of course – but also who they are and how they treat people. There’s a reason why ‘Be sound’ is one of our core values.

We’d rather not err at all, but when we do, we err on the side of being kind – being kind to ourselves and to other people.

What that means is we respect each other as more than simply work colleagues – we recognise people have lives outside of work and sometimes the two worlds collide. That might be you needing to do the school run every morning and starting your working day later; you might need to bring your dog to the office and all your meetings because no one is at home to look after her; your brain might be an unproductive, sleepy mush after a night of looking after a poorly child; or you might not be able to attend an in-person event because you haven’t been able to arrange childcare support. All of these are real life examples from the Research & Design team. None of these are career-limiting events. All of these were worked around with no effect on quality of work.

Yes, we’re ambitious and we set challenging goals. But not at the expense of our personal lives or what matters to us as humans.

You should never feel the need to put on an act or hide parts of yourself. We truly want you to bring your whole self to work and we work hard to create the safe space for people to do that.

What happens next?

We want to hear from you even if you think you’re not a 100% fit, especially if you consciously or unconsciously normally shy away from celebrating your achievements.

We’ll review and respond to every application we receive. If we’re interested in taking your application further, someone from our Talent Acquisition team will be in touch to find out more about you, what you’re looking for. They’ll also share more information about the full interview process.

If we take things to the next stage, we’ll want to see examples of work during one of the interviews, but we won’t ask you to do any ‘homework’ or prepare a special, polished presentation just for us.

About Wayflyer

Our mission is to empower eCommerce stores to unlock their full potential. Join us!

Wayflyer is revolutionising the eCommerce space by levelling the playing field for eCommerce founders across the world. Unlocking and fuelling their growth through solving their two biggest pain-points: funding and insights.

We use data to solve both of these challenges, empowering store owners with insights on how best to acquire customers online and providing them with short-term financing to scale and unlock their store's full potential.

We’re a fast-growing, venture-backed startup that serves a critical need for eCommerce entrepreneurs. You'll be joining a hyper-growth, ambitious, collaborative team that's working on a huge opportunity.

We have countless opportunities as we launch new markets and game-changing products and need teammates that love having high impact in a fast-moving and ambitious company.

Since launching in April 2020, we’ve deployed over $1.4b in funding across 8 countries to 2000+ eCommerce founders. In 2021 alone, the amount of funding we deployed to customers grew by 900%.

We recently announced our Series B, raising $150m in funding at $1.6bn valuation; backed by world-leading VCs including Left Lane Capital and DST Global and secured $500+ million debt financing via Credit Suisse & JP Morgan.

There are 300+ of us globally, split between our offices in Atlanta, Dublin, London and Sydney.

Here’s more info from our founder and you can learn more about our culture here.
Questions & answers for this position
  • What is the type of contract for this position?
    The contract for this position is a Full-time contract
  • What's the salary range for the Lead Content Designer position?
    The suggested salary for this position is $114,200-$174,000*
  • Is telecommuting possible for this position?
    No, telecommuting is not possible for this position
About Wayflyer
Wayflyer offers growth financing to eCommerce companies like yours. Sign up, connect your store and analytics, and receive funding offer today.
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