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Job description
Swile (swile.co) is a French start-up created in 2017 by French serial entrepreneur Loïc Soubeyrand : Swile offers digital solutions for employee rewards and benefits (meal/food vouchers and corporate gifts) through a card and an app that also helps foster engagement. We disrupted the traditional and outdated French paper meal voucher market and were able to gain significant traction.
After mastering meal vouchers, Swile is now tackling new rewards and benefits (meal vouchers, corporate gifts, transportation and commuter benefits, vacation allowances and more) that will be stored and managed via a single account, card and app. Our ambition is to enable employers to also improve their employees’ engagement and experience by recognizing key moments and milestones of their lives at work. As such, celebrations (birthdays and work anniversaries), money pots, team events, P2P payments among coworkers are brought together in a single app.
Context :
As the Head of Product Marketing, you take part in a complete marketing experience around every facet of the product's journey. Working hand in hands with our Product Expansion and Acquisition teams, you are in charge of marketing our product portfolio internationally – from launch to adoption.
This means you and your team work with a cross-functional team across Product Expansion, Sales, CRM, Brand, Corporate & Affiliates Marketing, Performance, and more. In this role, you are involved with product marketing strategy from beginning to end. You understand the market, the competitive landscape, and our customers need like no one.
Know the user. Know the magic. Connect the two.
Responsibilities :
- Design, recruit, build and manage the strategic and day-to-day operations of a world-class globally distributed product marketing organization that PMMs crave to be a part of to develop their skills and grow their careers.
- Create a product marketing organization that is seen as an amazing partner by all stakeholders (e.g. customers, sales, marketing, portfolio and solutions marketing, product management, customers success etc...) and deeply values iteration and feedback from these partners.
Market Intelligence
- Understand the market, competitors, industry trends and customer needs to build a persona and go to market strategy crafted for each program and product.
- Influence Product roadmap thanks to a deep knowledge of persona and the field feedback
Product Roll Out
- Define the product roll out strategy to launch new products in market as well as new features
- Build on product messaging that sets new products apart from others in the market to give them a unique selling point (Message house, value proposition, offer description guide…)
- Agree timelines and deadlines for the development of new products with Product Expansion and Inno teams
- Understand and document our buyer’s process, including where they get information, and the who, what, when and why behind the decisions they make. Then drive changes to our sales and marketing processes based on what you learn.
Product Amplification
- Act as the primary thought leader for the products you support externally, including speaking engagements and written works
- Communicate the vision and value of new products to the rest of the business and work with Local Marketing to develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process (Sales Enablement)
- Work hand in hand with the PR Team to brief the press about existing and new products
- Work with Marketing and Brand teams to communicate on the new products and their value and how to best represent it on our website
Product usage and adoption
- Define a strategy to drive usage and adoption of our products suits amongst our clients
- Collaborate with the business to put process in place to effectively track and optimize product usage
- Assess the effectiveness of the marketing programs that support your products on an ongoing basis, and report back to the business on required changes.

Our ideal candidate has/is….?

  • Market Intelligence & strategy - market trends, Customer expectations, Competitors analysis
  • GTM - Value proposition, Product Messaging, Communication Plan & CRM approach
  • Evangelization & Story telling - Internal enablement & alignment, Public speaking & thought leadership
  • Analytical mindset - Know the Key PMM indicators, analyze and take decisions
  • EN, FR and nice to have Portuguese or Spanish
  • Leadership - is a role model and promote innovation 
  • Positive Mindset - manage stress and complexity with a positive attitude
  • Feedback - regularly seek and share feedback
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; able to effectively communicate at all levels of the organization.

Our values ?

  • We are Team-Players: We succeed as a team! Learning, growing and taking off together is what drives us on a daily basis
  • We are Doers: Being creative, curious, and wanting to build things with a test and learn mindset, this is who we are!
  • We move Fast: The ability to be organized, adaptable and innovative to keep up with technological advancements in the market!
  • We Stay Hungry: Our ambition has no limit, and this requires humility, questioning, and the will to always set the bar higher!
  • We are Ambassadors: As we are the first and daily users of our product, speaking about Swile gives us pride!
  • We cherish our Values: Very committed, Swilers are passionate about maintaining our culture.

Recruitment process ?

  • Video interview: 30 minutes
  • Hiring manager interview: 45-60 min with evaluation of soft/hard skills, teamfit, background, team/job information)
  • Business Case: A Business Case that you will present in front of our team
  • Swilers interview: 30 minutes / During this stage all our Swilers can be called in and contribute to a skills assessment of candidates (focus on culture and values). Interviewers will be able to meet candidates without cognitive bias and have constructive feedback on their interpersonal skills and know-how. Involving all of our employees in the success of our hiring process is an integral part of our culture and values
  • Management Interview : 45 minutes
  • Final Round: 60 min
  • Our hiring process lasts on average about 2 weeks, and offers usually come within 24 hours.
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Swile, the card and app at the center of employee engagement. 900,000 employees already use Swile daily
Swile has been started in 2018 and employ about 251-1K people.
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